The Grand Canyon of the Colorado!!

A trip that I am definitely going on, come with me.


Monday 18th April 2011 – Thursday 5th May 2011
(Arrival and departure dates into and out of Las Vegas Nevada)

It is the most famous river trip in the world…. And with good reason. Journeying for 14 days and 226 miles down the Colorado river is the smallest part of this trip. We get a chance to explore the Grand Canyon from within, with its scenic side hikes and spectacular waterfalls. You’ll camp on expansive sandy beaches retracing the expedition of Major John Wesley Powell in 1867 and visit ancient Indian ruins. There is frequently a two-year waiting list for a commercial trip and up to 18 years for a private trip. We are so happy to have this departure date and very much hope you will be able to join us on a trip of a lifetime. April is a wonderful time to raft the Grand Canyon. The Canyon is greener than normal and water flows are excellent.

“Now the danger is over, now the toil has ceased, now the gloom has disappeared, now the firmament is bounded only by the horizon, and what a vast expanse of constellations can be see! The river rolls by us in silent majesty; the quiet of the camp is sweet; our joy is ecstasy. We sit long after midnight talking of the Grand Canyon, talking of home.”

Powell’s Journal, Major John Wesley Powell

Your Fun Filled Itinerary!

Day One:
You’ll be met on arrival at Las Vegas airport, Nevada by our trip leader who will take you to your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. No matter how tired you are from your long flight from India, this place will wake you up! It’s Disneyland for grown ups! Settle in for a good rest before we make our way to Arizona tomorrow and that one step closer to rafting the Grand Canyon.
(No meals included)

Day Two:
We’ll leave Vegas around 10 am and take in the gorgeous drive to Flagstaff, Arizona (4-5 hrs). We will drive past the Hoover Dam, which holds up Lake Mead at the end of the Grand Canyon. This was an amazing engineering feat in itself, but when you consider it was built in 1936, it is truly sensational. Flagstaff is typical small town America but has a number of fantastic restaurants and bars to explore at your leisure. We will have a pre-departure meeting prior to dinner and pass out some equipment for your trip. This will be your last chance to purchase any last minute items for your trip. The crew will have Chums (glasses retainers) hats and caps.
(Included: Breakfast)

Day Three:
We meet for breakfast early! At 7.30am we’ll take the gorgeous drive to our rafting put in point at Lees Ferry (3 hrs), just below Glen Canyon dam. You’ll be outfitted with the remainder of the equipment, given a full and comprehensive safety talk as well as paddle instructions. As we float off downstream, you are about to embark on one of the best river journeys in the world. The History as well as geology of this area is astounding in its beauty.
(All meals Included)

Days Three To Fifteen: (Zero to Six hrs a day)
Each day we run amazing rapids such as the famous Crystal, Granite and the original Lava as well as awesome blast rapids such as Hermit! White sandy beaches, gorgeous side hikes everyday. Many people never get to sample the beauty of the Grand Canyon from within…. For those of you who have seen it from the rim, that in itself is a stunning experience, set amidst gorgeous granite and marble walls, we sleep on beaches with just the river in the background to send us to sleep. We visit ancient Indian ruins high above the river and view the scenic beauty of this canyon. We run the rapids and see where Major John Powell ran these rapids and this gorge in the late 1800’s in wooden dories. Similar boats are still in use in the Canyon!
There is ample time to adjust to river life during the trip. You wont need watches, cell phones or to worry about anything. This trip offers 100% relaxation.
We have no “fixed” itinerary for this trip, preferring instead to set ourselves up for hikes and ruins that we can do as a group. This adaptability allows us to remain on our own and away from other groups that may be in the canyon at the same time to us.
All meals included days three – fifteen.

Days Sixteen:
Your trip on the river finishes at Diamond Creek where we are met and taken back to Flagstaff (3-4 hrs) for our post trip meal. You have reason to feel proud of yourself! You have completed one of the best river trips in the world. We overnight in Flagstaff at the Grand Canyon River house. You’ll get the chance to look at some of your DVD of the trip and decide if you would like to purchase this. We’ll prepare you an amazing Cajun Boil tonight, a meal traditional to the area and a great way to spend your last night in Flagstaff.
Included: All meals

Day Seventeen:
We depart Flagstaff for our drive back to Las Vegas. Tonight, it may well be a great idea to all go out for an amazing meal at the revolving restaurant on top of the Stratosphere for the best views in Vegas. Bring your nice clothes… they have a dress code!
Included: Breakfast

Day Eighteen:
After breakfast, you’ll be dropped back at the airport for your flight back home after a trip of a lifetime.
Included: Breakfast

Cost Details : US$ 5500

What Is Included
• Transfers to and from Las Vegas Airport. We request that you are there on Day One, two days before your rafting trip departs (as described above). Transfers are also provided from Flagstaff to Lees Ferry (the start point) and from Diamond Creek back to Flagstaff after the trip.
• Accommodation for 2 nights in Las Vegas (one before and one after the rafting trip) and 2 nights in Flagstaff night (before and after the river trip) in a tourist hotel. On your last night in Flagstaff we will stay in The Grand Canyon River house, which is more basic than the pre-trip hotel, but we will give you an amazing meal, which is traditional in this area. This will be on a share twin basis with somebody else on the trip. Single supplements available for Vegas and Flagstaff hotel ONLY USD$170.
• All transfers to and from the river.
• All meals from breakfast on Day Three to dinner on Day Sixteen. Also included breakfast on Days two, seventeen and eighteen. We can cater for most dietary requests, just let us know!
• All rafting equipment, including the best in buoyancy aids, helmets, and spray jackets.
• Tented accommodation whilst on the river.
• All camping equipment including camping mattresses and sleeping bags* If you feel the cold, bring plenty of layers, because it can be cool in the evening..
• Qualified and experienced guides. The crux of our trips, we have a mixture of local and overseas guides who are extremely professional and are some of the most experienced guides in the world. These guys and girls make every effort to make your trip memorable and fun for you whilst at the same time ensuring your safety. They all hold advanced first aid qualifications and in the unlikely event of an injury they have the expertise and professionalism to deal with it.
• All necessary permits and licenses.

Please Note: Not included are flights, visas, departure taxes, travel insurance, inoculations, video or DVD of your trip, alcohol, personal items or gratuities. You will also need to budget for meals in town, which are not included in the price and any extra accommodation outside what is provided.

Holiday Options & Extensions
If you are interested in having a few more days (or weeks!) in America then the choice is endless. Depending on your available time there are everything from trips to National Parks, to an insight into the Vegas nightlife. We can recommend the following and suggest if you are interested in any of them to have a chat to our office staff who will be more than happy to give you the cost and low down on the different activities.

Las Vegas
If you are looking to stay on longer or arrive earlier than your scheduled days, we can arrange extra nights at a cost of $25 per person per night if you book early. Single rooms are $50 per night. The bright lights, oxygen filled casinos are an amazing place to visit in our opinion for a short period of time. Check out only places you have seen on TV, ride the roller coaster at New York, New York, or visit Caesars Palace and the MGM Grand. For advise on where to stay and what to do there, please contact our office teams in the UK or US.

National Parks
The US has some incredible National Parks to explore in this region. If you want to extend your stay in the USA, may we suggest a trip to the incredible Zion Park in Utah. Alternatively, check out Canyon lands or Bryce Canyon. This is truly breathtaking scenery.

Mountain Biking in Moab
For those of you fat tire enthusiasts, we can highly recommend a few days up on the slick rock landscapes of Moab. Mountain Biking trails abound here for the recreational, the hardcore biker.

Grand Canyon Flight
If you want a bird’s eye view of the trip you have just completed, there are plenty of options for a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. These leave from Vegas or the town of Grand Canyon. Contact us if you would like details or make a booking.

Grand Canyon Skywalk
The Hualapai Indians recently completed the ambitious project of constructing the Grand Canyon Skywalk over the edge of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Walking on reinforced glass 4000 feet above the bottom of the Grand Canyon is not for the faint hearted, but you will be rewarded with out of this world views.

Getting There:

Ensure you have got a VISA before traveling to the United States. This should be organized well in advance before your planned travel date. No responsibility or refund will be given to participants who have not completed the relevant VISA process or are denied entry into the US.

Plenty of regular flight options exist to the US from Delhi and Mumbai. Your best connections will be to Los Angeles and an onward flight to Las Vegas from there. United, Continental and Air India all offer flights.

Climate & Water Levels:
Water Flows are controlled by Glen Canyon Dam and as such flows are consistently good from April to September. Its the only river we do anywhere in the world that the tide goes in and out! Temperatures are usually between 25-40 degrees Celsius with nighttime temperatures 10 – 20 degrees lower. Rain? We never know for sure when it will rain. It is extremely impressive if it does… the waterfalls and side streams are amazing. Bring a rain jacket just in case, but we also provide a spray jacket for on the river. We also suggest a thermal top. Even if it’s warm, the river is VERY cold. Under 40 degrees Fahrenheit!

The Grand Canyon is a relatively recent surface feature etched into the face of a far older world. The Colorado River drainage and the Grand Canyon have developed in the past 40 million years but the rock strata the river cuts though represent more than a third of the earth’s 4.6 billion year history. Our trip leaders and guides are on hand to provide you with their immense knowledge in this area.

There is a wide variety of wildlife on the Canyon if you keep your eyes peeled! You may see Desert Bighorn sheep, bobcats and mountain lions, or smaller species such as lizards or the infamous rattlesnake.

Exploration History:
The Indians were the first settlers in this area and there are still many Indian Reservations in this area. We’ll experience first hand the history of this area by visiting ancient food granaries and other historical relics. We’ll see and possibly meet Hualapai and Havasupai Indians.
Major John Wesley Powell was the first major explorer of the Colorado River. His diaries make excellent reading if you have the chance to get a copy to take on the river with you. He ran the majority of the river in wooden dories with the help of relatives and colleagues. Some left part way through the expedition on foot, and were never seen again. You will see examples of dories on the riverbanks left there from the early exploration days of this great unknown.

Beer Kitty:
We provide water and lemonade during the day. All hot drinks are provided. Generally on all our other trips people put in for a beer kitty. Work out how many beers you would like each evening and we will collect the money the night before the trip. Let us know your preferences for the trip, beer wine or marguerittas! We also suggest you bring a plastic bottle of your favourite drink and we’ll take it with us. Please let us know prior to your arrival if you require any special mixers for your drinks.

Please let us know if you are interested in this before the trip and we will organize some fishing licenses for you. You can catch trout, carp and catfish. Fish and chips anyone?

Dress Code:
Dress is casual around camp. Obviously get out your “glad rags” for the post trip meal in Flagstaff and Las Vegas! Due to the temperature fluctuations between the river and the outside temperature, we recommend long light trousers to cover your legs during the day, as well as a long sleeved business shirt. Make sure you also have a good wide brimmed sunhat for on the raft during the day.

Personal Equipment:
After years on the river the guides have found exactly what is necessary to feel comfortable on the raft by day, cozy around the camp at night and totally in style in town before and after trips! Therefore our equipment list will mean that you will be perfectly attired and outfitted for your whole trip and well under the baggage allowance – river guides are famous for being light travelers (one has to be when a kayak is often in tow!). A full list of what we recommend will be sent to you upon booking conformation. We find that most people already have in their possession what is needed for a rafting trip and very little if anything in specialized equipment is needed to be bought. Perhaps the only thing that we specifically recommend for America is PLENTY of sunscreen.

Visa Requirements
Please ensure you have a machine-readable passport or one of the new biometric passports. Visitors from the following countries do not need to apply for a visa before arrival into the United States providing you are traveling for less than 90 days. Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Italy, San Marino, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Liechtenstein. Slovenia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain, Finland, Monaco, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. There is no cost involved for these nationalities, however upon entry into the United States you will be required to have your photo taken and be finger printed.

Exchange Rates
The US remains relatively in expensive for certain items, notably food and fuel. Exchange rates at the time of printing are 1€ is equivalent to $1.10 and £1 was equivalent to roughly $1.48. $1 buys 45 Indian Rupees

What Is Supplied
• Tents on twin share
• All river running equipment
• Spray jackets for on the river.
• Sleeping bag with sheet
• Eating Utensils
• Ground cloth and foam pad
• All meals while on the river
• A small pelicase for your camera
• Waterproof duffel bag
• Shuttle from Flagstaff to Lee’s Ferry and from Diamond Creek to Flagstaff at end of trip
• Music for the trip.

What You Need To Bring
• Camera and plenty of film or spare memory card for your digital camera. We also suggest extra batteries.
• Small pillow
• Personal toilet articles:
• Large brim hat with chin strap, or baseball cap with tie on strap
• Towel & washcloth
• 2 pairs shoes (we suggest a pair of hiking boots and a pair of Chaco Sandals []
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Sunscreen SPF 50+ /moisturizing lotion/ lip balm SPF 50 +
• Soap & shampoo (biodegradable)
• Light coat/windbreaker or sweatshirt (Spring trips need heavier coat)
• Other t-shirts cos we are bored with the other smelly one!
• Rain coat
• Shirts -long & short sleeved, only fashionable items. You will need a loud Hawaiian shirt for the post trip meal….
• Long sleeved business shirts are good for sun protection
• 2 pair eyeglasses or spare contacts with tie on strap such as Chums (we have these available for purchase)
• Pants (of quick drying fabric work best)
• Sunglasses with tie-on strap such as Chums (we have these available for purchase.)
• Shorts
• 2 medium sized plastic water bottles (for taking on hikes) We recommend Nalgene or Sigg What is also a good idea is a Camelback for hikes which can carry a bladder of water plus some clothes and snacks for hiking.
• Karabiner for attaching water bottle to raft
• Swimsuit (s) please note guys…. No banana hammocks
• Flashlight or Headlamp + extra batteries.
• 2 sets of thermal underwear. Long sleeved tops and bottoms. One set for the river and one set for the evening.

Fitness and Safety:
The Colorado is a great trip. There are no specific requirements for this trip although we do recommend a reasonable standard of fitness to get the most out of the trip. The side hikes are great. At times we will do some loops away from the river and meet up with the rafts again downstream from where we left them. We recommend that you exercise regularly; running, walking or swimming, a month or two before the trip, to maximize your fun on this amazing river. Please let us know, quietly if you wish) if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications that could affect you throughout the course of the trip that you think we should be aware of.

Please remember that things do change, prices go up and down, activities stop running or change format and weather can send the best laid plans out the door. We will do our best to provide what is described above but please take into consideration the nature of the journey that you are embarking on and the country that you are traveling in and understand that a certain degree of flexibility is necessary!

The key to you any great adventure are the guides that accompany you. Not only will your American team guide you safely down the river by day, they’ll transform into amazing chefs and entertainers and give you incredible insight into local wildlife, customs and history. Here is a sample of who may accompany you on your trip.


Full name: United States of America
Population: 290 million
Area: 9.63 million sq km
Capital City: Washington DC
People: 71% Caucasian, 21% African American, 12% Latino, 4% Asian,
0.9% Native American
Language: English, Spanish, Native American languages
Religion: 56% Protestant, 28% Roman Catholic, 2% Jewish
Government: constitution-based federal republic (apparently)
Major industries: Oil, electronics, computers, automobile, manufacturing, aerospace industries, agriculture, telecommunications, chemicals, mining, processing and packaging.
Time Zone: Eastern Time GMT –5
Central time GMT –6
Mountain time GMT –7 (Arizona) Presently –8 Due to UK Daylight Saving
Pacific standard GMT –8

Electricity: 120V, 60hz
Currency: US Dollar
Exchange Rate 1 USD: 45.7 Indian Rupees
1 USD: £0.675 pence
1 USD: EURO0.81 centimes

Average cost of a meal: Budget US$ 3-10
Mid-range US$ 10-15

American Slang

How y’all doing: How are you
A whole ‘nother: Something completely different
Air head: lacking in brains
Blow a fuse: Lose your temper
Rugrats: children
Y’all have a good day now!: Have a nice day
Blow chunk: Vomit
“Chill, dude!”: Relax please
Da bomb!: An expression of good stuff, as in “That gig last night was da bomb, dude!”
Limey: English person
Ya’ll: (Southern US) you all
24/7 : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Pond : The Atlantic Ocean
Dork :A person without social graces (“dweeb, nerd, geek”).
Dude: Cool person
Drop the ball : to mess something up.

Did you know?

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long. The rock strata that the river cuts through represents more than a third of the earth’s 4.6 billion year history.

Major John Wesley Powell was the first person to explore the Colorado River in 1869. Normal Nevills began commercial river runs in 1938.

Cancellation Policy:

Final payment are due by December 10th 2010. If payments are not in on time, trip will be cancelled or any spaces not paid for will be cancelled.

All cancellations lose $750.00 deposit. All deposits are Non-Refundable.

Passengers who cancel cannot be substituted for new passengers. Payments are non-transferable.

All passengers who cancel will be charged cancellation fee.

All cancellations within 120 days prior to the trip forfeit the entire tour cost.
We are strict with our policy and strongly suggest your clients purchase travel insurance prior to your trip. For best coverage clients must purchase insurance within 14 days of paying their initial deposit.

We require a minimum of 12 paying guests and a maximum of 16 paying guests. If minimum numbers are not reached by August, an option exists to book onto another trip on the 8th – 25th May 2011 with the same itinerary as above. This will be on a Space Available basis.