Flamenco y tapas

The expert Sevillano! I am it, have discovered all the magical bits of this city. The Plaza Santa Cruz has a very good Flamenco show at Los Gallos. They have two shows one at 20.00 hrs and the other at 22.00 hrs. A good troupe of dancers and singers, not cheap but you get a drink included so I sat there loving every minute of it and drinking an extremely tall glass of Sangria.

After, I found all the best bodegas in Santa Cruz, it was like they just appeared around the corner. Bar la Estrella, Bar las Teresas and Bar la Columna. Jerez Amontillado in the first and a solomillo whisky (pork loin cooked in brandy or whisky). Another Sangria in the next with some amazing camembert frito – (fried camembert with raspberry jam).

I thought I was heading home after, but first I saw a lovely store that sold only white cotton clothes, I have acquired a dress and a shirt that I do not need, but wanted so much. Then I was finally headed home when I walked past La Columna, rocking, but I had no money and you can’t buy one tiny drink and a tapa on the card. So I thought …This is going to be one of those few things that Maya said to leave behind!

Turned the corner and saw La Giralda lighting up the sky and knew that the ATM was somewhere close by…. Another walk around the magically lit monuments into the busy street – directly to the ATM ( across from the tram stop) and ‘ hombre que si’ I was ready to hit the next bar.

A beer at la Columna with flamenquin (pork wrapped in ham and filled with cheese then deep fried.)

Wondering when I turned into a foody? When I walk and walk and get hungry. Remember these are only tapas so I am doing very well. That was a three course dinner, as far as I was concerned, nicely spaced out.

The señor was locking up the door to the hotel when I slid in.

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