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Travel news from my wandering family. Africa this time, my young sister works at making a better world and travels to interesting parts of it while doing so, here are some tips from her.


A lovely little boutique hotel in Cape town that she loved staying in, this is what the hotel says about itself, and she pretty much agreed:


“Set in the heart of the urban trend-setting district of Green Point, dysART Boutique Hotel

offers a uniquely tranquil environment with modern facilities designed to ensure your well-being.


Myriad restaurants and bars are with-in minutes of our front door, on Main Road and beyond in the renowned Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the focal point of Cape Town’s day and night life.


Nearby is De Waterkant, the “Village” of Cape Town, which is packed with bars, music venues and eclectic eateries. A few minutes by taxi is Long Street, the inner city’s most charming road, full of inter-esting shops and restaurants housed in historic old-Cape architecture.


And just up the hill is the winding Kloof Street, with its array of shopping and dining emporia. And the ocean is just a few minutes’ walk, with its promenade and the promise of unforgettable sunsets.”


Now she is on the Shuttle bus from Arusha, Tanzania back to Nairobi, she reccommends it as a good way to get there. They have been visiting a bar called the Via Via, inside the natural history museum, apparently the museum after closing time turns into a bar till 12.00 and then a disco, all out in the open. Great barbeque and a lovely vibe. Sounds like fun. Nanki, you certainly are having some.
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The Sea

It’s a smell of fish and sea weed. Low tide, when all the treasures on the shore are revealed. Even in this urban jungle the sea and it’s shore, the sounds and the sky above manage to make a kind of magic that is attracting, soothing, inspiring. Something beautiful that makes one want to celebrate it; write about it, paint it, capture it somehow to pass on while trying to relish the moment. Lying gently on rocking waves or being thrashed by rollers. Exploring the amazing worlds beneath the waves.

Even that lumbering big tanker has grace and a sense of adventure, if you will, it is going sea faring and will see marvels and encounter the unknown before it hits another port.

The call of the sea? Is it changeability, beauty, mystery or is it the attraction of the beaches and palm trees… synonymous with the good life and plenty? Polynesian islands and coconut water, toddy and grass skirts, balmy breezes and no worries? Undefinable but oh so enticing.

I love the sea.

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