Have you heard the lyrics of Baz Luhrman? Do so here. I empathize with all he says.

My life is a continuous adventure and I am currently creating a wondrous, homestay in the mountains of Manali. A conscious living space surrounded by apple orchards, deodars and wind in the trees. The Lama House is a place for people that want the tranquillity of the mountains, walks up the hill and picnics in meadows. Good books in the garden, amazing views, a chat with the neighbour. Great coffee, great whisky, some good tea and  nice people to get to know.

We, as a family, grew up with summer holidays in the mountains,  Casa Bella Vista offers the family summer home with the added advantage of the best Mediterranean restaurant in Manali.

Wandering is what I have done best, which introduced me to people, places, experiences, adventures and great learning. Recounting the stories keeps me reliving them.

I grew up hiking, trekking, camping, sailing, exploring. I took all I knew and created and ran Outdoor Adventures India, one of the best wilderness adventure companies, I had a grand time doing it for almost 23 years.

I now run the Outward Bound programmes for India. Experiences made for learning and and development.

I am a certified senior executive coach and counsellor. Over the years I have found myself counselling numerous young persons through life choices, work &  developmental issues and the whole gamut that creates growth. It is wonderful to find you can create a difference and help.

I travel, write and promote some of the best trips/locations I find and help you customize trips from my huge storehouse of amazing places. Having trekked, rafted, driven in most parts of our subcontinent, and various parts of the world, I am happy to share my discoveries and it is a joy to plan an interesting holiday.

That I am able to find both sinful luxury and budget travel an almost equal enchantment helps.

Professionalism, honesty, style, spontaniety, humour, adventure, friendship, good manners & magic are important words in my dictionary.

The magic of discovery, a companionable walk, wind on the water, a bright corner, a golden moment, a special coffee, the ephemerality of it all. This is more my concept of a holiday than the museums, galleries, forts and palaces.

In life – for me – the happiness quotient is the basis of success.

Email: pavanemann@me.com. Call: +91 98101 84360