My life has been a continuous adventure and the last few years created a pause. A good one, because I had time to spend with family and a new grandson. Rediscover old hobbies like knitting, writing, painting etc. However, the spirit of adventure and the rolling wheels are irresistible calls and so I am going back to curating special trips for people who would like the best that I have discovered in all my wandering years.

Also I am going to collaborate with my great friend Vaibhav Kala of Aquaterra Adventures and revisit the overseas programmes that we so enjoyed.

Wandering is what I have done best, which introduced me to people, places, experiences, adventures and great learning.

I grew up hiking, trekking, camping, sailing, exploring. I took all I knew and created and ran Outdoor Adventures India,  I had a grand time doing it for almost 23 years.

I then set up and ran Outward Bound programmes for India. Experiences made for learning and  development. I now Chair the organisation while also being a part of Outward Bound International’s team of Reviewers.

I am a certified senior executive coach and counsellor. Over the years I have found myself counselling numerous young persons through life choices, work &  developmental issues and the whole gamut that creates growth. Making a difference matters.

Having trekked, rafted, driven in most parts of our subcontinent, and various parts of the world, I am happy to share my discoveries and it is a joy to plan an interesting holiday.

Professionalism, honesty, style, spontaneity, humour, adventure, friendship, good manners & magic are important words in my dictionary.

The magic of discovery, a companionable walk, wind on the water, a bright corner, a golden moment, a special coffee, the ephemerality of it all. This is more my concept of travel than the museums, galleries, forts and palaces.

In life, for me, the happiness quotient is the basis of success.

Email: me@pavanemann.com. Call: +91 98101 84360