Manali, located in a place of absolute beauty, is a tiny town that explodes with visitors come summer. However, the valley of the Beas river never fails to enthrall, the very drive up starts to make you smile as you come through the tunnel and the high mountains open up ahead.

I have been coming here for many years, first in an old standard herald driven all the way up from Coimbatore in the south. Later on the night bus with a backpack, ready to go exploring the many amazing treks and trails that this and the adjoining valleys offer. Then on driving safaris, crossing over the high passes and into the magic mountains of Spiti or Ladakh. Every time this tiny town was the beginning of an adventure and a haven at the end of it.

In this little town, tucked away out of the hub of the Mall and the honking horns, is this haven of tranquillity, good taste; whispering pines and mountain views.

We have two self contained cottages with 3 bedrooms each (one has a kids attic too), a drawing and dining room with a kitchen. You can be self contained if you choose 0r sample the amazing food at our restaurant.

There are also two stand alone rooms.  10 rooms in all and we are open for bookings. The cottages are great for family and friends. We offer a minimum 3 night package, you can’t come to Manali for less.

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Giri created the cottages and Marta, his spanish wife came along and created the most delicious menu of all the best foods that she missed from her Mediterranean home.

If you are looking for a great holiday place this summer. We welcome you.

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