Central America: Costa Rica: Jungles, rivers, beaches and the Yucatan heritage

My delightful travelling friends and all who would like to join us,

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you all. It has taken some research and much excitiement for me to put it together and I think we have the most glorious trip – one that we are going to marvellously enjoy.

I am giving you briefs and costs here – you can click the links for the detailed itineraries.

24 Feb to 3 rd March 2013

COSTA RICA: We arrive and depart from San Jose, the capital, in between for 8 days we raft the Pacuare river, sea kayak through the Tortuguero National Park looking for sea turtles and all the other myriad wild life. We stay at jungle lodges, luxury in the forest, true paradise, complete with zip lines over the river, jungle walks, rainforest canopy tours, waterfalls and time to just relax in  amazing river canyons, along the beach and at the volcano.

We raft out on the Pacuare river and head to the Arenal volcano area and it’s beautiful lake – hotsprings et al. So if that does not sound enticing enough – after this we head to Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

4th March to 11th March 2013

CANCUN: We fly San Jose to Cancun, the veritable riviera of Mexico, but we are going to find those little magic places to stay and see. The Mayan heritage.

With its eastern border by the Caribbean Sea (the Mayan Riviera), the Yucatán Peninsula has ancient ruins, underground caves, colonial cities, and natural wonders that we are going to discover, or not, as the mood takes us. The itinerary gives us the options of famous Mayan archeological sites, several lesser known sites, and days of relaxing white sand beaches in the Riviera Maya. All in great locations and hotels.

After the Incas, I think we need to discover this other great people too. They discovered spectacles! The actual ones that we wear to see better, not just the visual panorama of beauty.

So obviously we want to do this, below are costs/ I have seperated the two areas so if there are some of you that want to do only one trip that too is possible, though I hope we will all do all, know how we feel missed out else.

The details of inclusive and exclusive are given on the different itineraries, here are just the total costs and the payment break up in rupees. (please note that these may fluctuate a little depending on the rates of the dollar once we make all final payments)

Costa Rica: Rs.2,06,000.00. /   Yucatan, Mexico: Rs. 1,96,000.00

Booking amount: by end Sept: Costa Rica: Rs. 69000.00 /  Yucatan: Rs. 64600.00

2nd payment by end Nov: Rs.68500.00 / Rs.65700.00

Final payment by end Jan: Rs.68500.00 / Rs. 65700.00

The rates are based on twin share occupancy – I will let you have single supplements if you want.

All tours and ground transportation are included in the itinerary

Please also note the current trip will run with a minimum of 6 persons. We can go up to 16 persons and if we do manage that the costs will come down some because ground transport  and guides etc  get distributed.

Meals & tips outside of those listed in the itineraries are not included

Flights: the best connectivity is offered by British Airways with American Airlines and Air Mexico. Currently the rate for the full round trip : Delhi – London – Miami – San Jose – Cancun – Miami – London – Delhi : Rs. 1,11,000.00 approximately.

Sorry I have not researched Bombay or other connections, but can do so if you want.

I need to confirm bookings as soon as possible so all those who are on please email :pavane@mhe.co.in or pavanemann@gmail.com and I can let you have the details for making payments etc.

I hope we are all going to be on this grand trip, so looking forward to enjoying another great adventure with everyone.