Old to New — Happy, Happy!!

I love this time of year.  You look back and see a time that was great or not so, and either way it is done.  You look ahead and it is a hope, a dream, a whisper of mystery and excitement, something just waiting to happen. A whole New Year. I am so glad life is divided into these chapters, it makes them easy to open and close.

I hope all my family and friends have had a great year to look back upon and are looking forward to a wonderful new one.

This last year, for me, has been such unadulterated fun. I have met delightful people, old friends and new. I have travelled to some amazing parts of the world and seen so much that I always wanted to – and the best bit is the journey is not complete yet. Still so much to see and do. Much like this photograph of the Zambesi river, such an amazing tumble of adventure and serenity, pretty much like all the rivers and much like life itself. Ooops!  too much ‘heavy’ already!!

The last week of this year has been a housefull of family: children, sisters, neices and grandnephews. Utterly lovely!!!

I am looking forward to another wonderful year, and I certainly hope everyone I know is doing the same – here’s wishing us all the wonder that we want.